Cable car,


MARCH 2019

Construction of lines for the Monchique / Picota and Zip Line and cable car.

At the Monchique terminal, it is intended to create equipment with wide valences, not just being limited to the valence of the cable car, but associating it to an entire interconnected structure and dependent on each other. The cable car alone cannot bring all the benefits intended for the Village and the Municipality. Associating it to a more complex structure, with the support of restaurants, bookstores, ice cream shop, a multipurpose area for learning and training sports activities associated with the project, and stores designed to promote regional products.

​At the conceptual level, the project aims to portray the image we have when we move towards the Serra de Monchique, the two peaks. This is the image that we want to reproduce when we get close to the set and we see two green “tops”: the peak of Foia to the left of the central body (cable car) and to the right, the peak of Picota. The materials to be applied will be, essentially, syenite stone, wood and cork. 

​At the Picota terminal, the arrival will take place inside a cave, built with stone existing or nearby, for a better integration. At the exit there will be a small viewpoint with connection to a terrace designed in wood on a piles.

The terrace (snack bar) will allow not only the cable car users to stay, but also a reference point for Via Algarviana and a resting point for its practitioners, since the Caldas / Picota pedestrian route passes precisely for its peak.


And finally, the activity that will certainly bring more curious to Picota, the Zip Line. The project foresees 2 lines, 2 more lines may be placed in the future. Not only will we have unique equipment throughout the south, but also the largest in Europe with an extension of about 2,300 m.